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4 Days Geological Morocco Tour

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Geological Morocco Tours

Morocco is one of the most fascinating lands in the world for studying geology. It is a friendly country, provided with a good network of roads. Most of Morocco being situated within the Mediterranean to Sub-Saharan climatic zones, with a mean annual precipitation ranging from 300 to 600 mm, it offers wide landscapes, with subsurface rocks exposed in splendid outcrops. Last but not least, Morocco is located at a triple junction (Fig. 1.1) between a continent (Africa), an ocean (the Atlantic) and an active plate collision zone (the Alpine belt system). This results in a rugged topography with a wide range of outcropping terranes spanning from Archean to Cenozoic in age, as well as diverse tectonic systems from sedimentary basins to metamorphic fold belts. Minerals and fossils from Morocco are curated in museums the world over. Finally, it is worth emphasizing that natural resources extracted from the Moroccan subsoil are important for the national economy

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